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Lucia is doing the inventory for the mysterious Bernie (who also happens to be Koa's employer in many of her clips) at his magical safe house. She ignores his advice about handling new inventory and gets cursed to gain weight. She grows a huge ass, extra large boobs, a bulging belly, thunderthighs and thick arms becoming a full fledged BBW.

Up at TMC - Taylor Made Clips as always:)
We tried to shake it up with the newest clip featuring Lucia called "Rubber Blubber Bubble Gum". Lucia's ex slips her some Rubber Blubber gum that tastes yummy, but soon starts changing her drastically. Her ass grow huge, then her breasts literally balloon into pink, squeaky spheres and she finally grows a giant blue bubble out of her stomach before popping offscreen.
Lots of process. The belly bubble is a bit different from "true" belly expansion.

Hope you guys like the clip:)
As always, up at TMC - Taylor Made Clips
We have something a little special and different in our new clip with Lucia. For those of you who enjoy forced inflation, hose inflation and water inflation...this clip is for YOU!
Lucia berates her assistant about his choice of designer water for her. He gets his revenge by hooking her up to a water hose and filling her up. ASS, BELLY and BREAST growth via water hose INFLATION. Lots of sloshing sound effects and struggling against the hose.
Plus, you get to see my gangly arms do the dirty work:)

Up at Taylor Made Clips as always.
Rebecca returns in "Voodoo Diva Payback". She plays a snarky model who gets stuck on the wrong end of some very special voodoo vengeance. Ass, Boobs via Hourglass expansions with IMPLANT style props.

You might notice the hand pumping the caulk into the voodoo doll...well that is my goofy hand! That was some hard acting there...LOL

Up at TMC as always.

thanx guys!
Something special for you ass lovers! Lucia plays a bride-to-be who gets whammied by her mother-in-law. Her boobs grow, but it's her ass that balloons to ever more ridiculous (and sexy) proportions. THE biggest butt props we have ever used.
BE, AssGrowth, Stuckage.

let us know what you think...hope you like it:)
Our brand spanking new actress Rebecca is in the new clip "FanCam BE". She plays a camgirl who decides to give her audience a very special show with BE. Loads of process with multiple expansions (but one is offscreen). A very sensual performance by Rebecca and some nipple slip as a special treat.

You know the drill about the links. Just SEARCH for Taylor Made Clips or Maxgrowth and more info here:…
In the newest clip with Koa, "Magical Mistake", Koa tries to summon up magical energy with the help of the Magic Whiteboard so she can pay off a debt to a wizard. THe magic gets stored in her belly, which grows to huge proportions. She then discovers the magic can be moved around making her bust (i think the bodyshaping of the belly up into the boobs turned out really well) and then her ass equally large. She ends up with huge, heavy breasts that she shows off with some erotic dancing for the benefit of the Whiteboard.

PREVIEW is up for this one at Taylor Made Clips. Can't direct link because of DA.

hope you guys enjoy this one!
Taylor just put up a new blueberry expansion clip at TMC and I think it turned out really great. She used more transitional techniques with this clip, with the model slowly turning blue and experiencing breast and  belly inflation before progressing into blueberry territory. If you like blueberry check it out!

DA is blocking the link, but you can just search for Taylor Made Clips in any search engine.
   Lucia is in our new clip "Terrific Tit Tease" up at Taylor Made Clips. She's travelling and missing her boyfriend, so she decides to give him a very special long distance treat. Her breasts grow and grow and she poses sexily for him until they get so big she can no longer stand up with them. Multiple expansions in this one.
For those of you who are into all kinds of transformation (aside from the expansion based), you should really check out Transformation Repository run by a great member of our community, Thrandrall.

He puts out tons of free content on the site, and the archives are a veritable treasure trove of art. He also has a select few projects that you can "purchase" and a chunk of the cost goes back into funding the free content on the site. I got the "Long Weekend" comic for $9 and it has a TON of anthro/animal TF...over 50 pages of content for that price.
So, go check it out!
"Callgirl Cake Revenge" is now up at Taylor Made Clips featuring Lucia. I am VERY proud of how this clip turned out. I think the script is one of our better ones. We tried some new props that turned out even better than we expected. There is a scene with a very juicy and jiggly ass while Lucia is walking that I think will blow you guys away. Lots of cake eating to go along with all the usual BE, Ass and Belly Expansion. The clip is chock full of Process as well. Including our very first DIGITAL effects. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

thanx for all your continued support:)

I can't give the direct link to TMC but you can eventually get there through here:
The much awaited part 2 of Every Man's Dream just hit Taylor Made Clips. Egged on by Adonia, Koa keeps trying to find the right man on the magical dating site but only manages to go from an Anime lovers wet dream, to being "barefoot and pregnant" and finally becoming a pink haired, hourglass Bimbo.

Word Game has double trouble, as Lucia and Koa (later in the clip), play a word game app that changes them based on the words on the screen. Hourglass and BE fun with some minor catfighting.

Hope you guys enjoy these new clips! Up at TMC. Feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated:)…
Katya sneaks an experimental drug from an eccentric, old professor in an attempt to get high. Her euphoria turns to surprise as she begins to turn into a tiger woman. Full body paint, ears, tail and facial makeup. Lots of cool process, even some minor BE.
Please let us know what you think.

We have a new clip up that I think you guys are going to like. Koa's stepmother advises her to join an internet dating site that she promises will make Koa "every man's dream girl". The catch is, it literally achieves that promise. And all the guys on the dating site seem to have VERY specific tastes in women. Part 1 has BE, AssExpansion, and an Anime Elf Girl TF.

Part 2 will feature Pregnancy, Natural BE, and a Bimbo TF.

Hope you guys enjoy Part 1
We have two new clips up at Taylor Made Clips:

BBW Adonia Body Tease and Breast Expansion - Adonia finds out her man likes really large breasted women. So she adds a little oomph to her figure. If you're into BBW's you'll enjoy Adonia showing off all her curves and flab. And if you're into natural/cleavage style breast expansion you'll find this right up your alley as well.

Witchcraft Protection Program Redux - This is a re-make of the original clip with Lucia ( a much hotter model and much better actress ). Hourglass fun as Lucia hides out from mobsters. PREVIEW CLIP is available at TMC.


I want to thank everyone who has become a supporter of our Patreon campaign. Unfortunately, at the current level, it is actually costing us more to edit/create the Perks than the money coming in. If you guys could spread the word about our Patreon I would greatly appreciate it. Perhaps with a little more grass roots style awareness we can nab a few more supporters and at least get in the black. We need about $150 a month to break even on the Perk expenses....of which, editing fees are 95% of our cost. Right now, were are at $ we're almost there! thanx!…

 I am super pleased with our new full body weight gain clip featuring Koa, called Ponzi Pounds. In this clip,one of Koa's friends sends her an email chain letter that is a diet Ponzi scheme. Send out emails and lose weight, don't send out emails and...well, you get the picture. Koa ignores the warning and is soon packing on the pounds.
I'm proud of the story, and I think the "fat suit" with arms and legs is the best we've ever done.

Up at Taylor Made Clips as always

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Going through and finding stuff to put up on our new Patreon, I saw this screencap that I had pulled but never put up as a promo.
I had forgotten how cute Nicole looked being all pouty. The pic is in the gallery.

If you want to get some neat perks like bloopers, behind the scenes video, interviews with the gals, scripts, and pics...come check out our Patreon and consider being a Patron.
  Sad news for all you Kiki fans (which includes me). Kiki is moving across country to pursue higher education, which is a noble goal and I can't blame her for it, but we will really miss working with her. She is a great gal, always had fun on set, and had a super personality. So, that said, the clip is called "For Love of Money - The GameShow".
   Kiki is on an expansion based game show where you trade off dollar amounts for body expansion. She might get a bit too greedy as things go along though, and she bites off a bit more than she can chew. Hyper Hourglass inflation in this one, and I'm particularly proud of the hourglass effect in this one.

thanx guys!

Up at TMC as always.…
     ...if you're looking for some extra goodies you won't find anywhere else. I'm hoping that this can be a win-win for everyone.
You guys can get some exclusive Maxgrowth content that you (hopefully) feel is equal to the cost of the perk, and we get some much needed extra money to put toward making our videos better. Patreon money will allow us to afford:

Better Locations
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A full time Costumer and Wardrobe person
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Travelling to work with Out-of-State actresses

    Please go check out our Patreon page. Hopefully you will find some kind of perk or perks that appeal to you.
Thanx so much for everyone's support!
I worked un-credited, until ericalannelson gave me a shout out on his page. I had worked with Matador (a guy who hangs out at Process Productions Forum) on this super-hero themed transformation
project. I did most of the super-hero design and world building and Matador did the heavy lifting with the script and storyline.

It's about 3 girls who get irradiated by a new energy source and develop amazing new powers and wind up tussling with some super-villains. One girl turns into a she-hulk,
another shrinks down to inches high, and the other is a mimic (or a "knock-off" Rogue from X-Men) who absorbs the powers of a lizard man and turns into a lizard girl.

Check it out if super-heros and transformation are your thing:) It's been out a few weeks, so you may have to scroll down the index to see it.