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Cliff Notes: (See following text at bottom for more info)

$10 Patrons can see the audition video by Paisley Blackburn for the role of Bijoux in our upcoming "Change Wars".

$7 Patrons can get a production still from a very old, very rough attempt at a blueberry clip with Nicole.

THE BLUEBERRY CLIP:  Okay, I want to be very open and upfront about the quality of the video. It's somewhat craptastic. There are many flaws. Why, you ask? Well, almost two years ago, we went to shoot Nicole at her house with the Blueberry Suit that TMC had so generously loaned us.
     FIrst, Nicole had developed some bad "habits" and you can see the difference in her appearance and overall performance from when we first worked with her. She was very "happy" that day and wasn't quite delivering her usual level of acting competence.
     Second, about 45 minutes into shooting, the landlord and a sheriff show up to forcibly evict Nicole. They gave her two hours to get her stuff out. So, we shot the final 5 minutes of an eventual 7 minute clip in less than one hour with an un-tested suit and a very distracted (to say the least) actress. This is one of many reasons why we haven't worked with Nicole again.
     This clip may be out in a few weeks, but I just wanted to let everyone know "buyer be aware". If you just gotta have something blueberry and the price is right, then more power to you. I don't want to try to pull the wool over anybody's eyes with this particular clip.
We had a blast filming this clip, wherein Koa is dispatched by Bernie to investigate a haunted house. Of course, she runs into supernatural trouble of the expansion kind and ends up with a very extreme Hourglass figure. Another clip where the cleavage gods smiled upon us, and the breasts are among the most natural we've ever done.

We did some "artsy" stuff in this one, and I'm particularly proud of the flying donut sequence. It's also the first time we've done expansion in blue jeans.

You can buy the clip at:

Check out our Patreon page. There is some very special content arriving soon:
(Just put up another BobHHH morph of Koa up today)
Raven is lost in the boonies and discovers an abandoned building where some research is being done. A strange looking plant sprays pollen on her and she begins to grow. Multiple BE and an Ass Expansion in Part One. I'm pretty happy with some of the cleavage/prop shots that turned out amazingly realistic. Raven was a great gal to work with and she picked up on what we were going for pretty quickly. I'm hoping we can work with her again soon.

AND...Rejoice! There is a Preview Clip for this one!

Up at Taylor Made Clips - Our clips will drop down in the index so you can always find our stuff by using the search feature or clicking on the Maxgrowth Tab on the Left Hand Display.
For exclusive content.
It's no secret that I have trouble finding actresses in this @#%$& podunk area that I live in. I love Lexington and Kentucky, but damn it! As it is, 95% of the ladies I have worked with come from out of state. Many drive 3 plus hours to shoot and make the long drive back home. So, one of the perceived perks of shooting a more mainstream content was going to be an easier route to the talent. And this looked like it was going to work out. I got a bunch of responses from some really good prospects (attractive people with some real talent) and everything was set in motion. BUT, now I've had to cancel two shoots in two weeks because of the same flaky crap I get with models. Last minute cancellations, my car broke down, I got called in to work, I'm sick, or the very best result is when they don't even bother to notify you they aren't going to make it. Yay! This is compounded when you are trying to shoot 2 or 3 people in a clip, instead of one.

The studio is really a great deal for me, but the truth is, with my budgets, I have to use that space quite a bit to make it cost effective. A month like July where I only got two shoots in, is a budget ball-breaker. Throw in the money that goes to everyone who does show up, like professional people are supposed to, and the burden grows. People are understanding to a point, and they will usually take gas and lunch money for a cancelled shoot. I have to pay the utilities, and either mow the lawn (which is not small) or pay a service to do it. All these extra costs are not bad when you have enough shoots to absorb them. And it's apparent that I can't use Koa and Lucia for every clip, because the sales show there is some buyer fatigue with over-using the same gals over and over. And guys don't want to hear me itemize every bullshit thing I have to deal with.
I just had to vent and I appreciate everyone indulging me.

Okay, now that my pity party is over I wanted to let you guys know that future script episodes will go up only on  the Patreon page. Now that I've gotten a ton of feedback from putting it here on DA, it's only fair to the Patrons to give them the exclusive look at the new stuff. It's only $3 to get scripts and occasional pics for even that level. The truth is, without Patreon, July would have been a disaster for me. All of you awesome Patrons have really helped keep us going.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!
Go to our Maxgrowth Productions Youtube page and check out Lucia explaining the details about how you can win a chance to talk/chat/skype with her. The deadline has been extended to August 7th.

There is a candid out-take at the end in which you get to hear my redneck voice say:
I cringe every time I hear my voice recorded, as I feel like a banjo should start playing in the background every time I speak...LOL

"I thought that was good."
"You know he has to give you crap."

So, laugh at my voice and find out how to win some digital one-on-one time with Lucia.

A word of advice to the winner...keep it classy:)
With some fear and trepidation, I've decided to put this out there for everyone to check out.

This is possibly, depending on how all the logistics and vagaries of film-making go, the first part of the scripting for my new methodology of video clips. I'm not sure that 100% of what I have so far, will make it into the final cut, but that is my intention. There are some gaps that need to be filled in, but it's all basically there.

I would value anyone's input. I am concerned about it being "too talky" and the fact that this kind of scripting is more geared toward a "story that has TF and Expansion in it" rather than an "a TF or Expansion scenario in which a story is only there to further that scenario".

So, don't hold back, brutal honesty is important. And, I don't expect everyone to write a thesis, but at least a few sentences explaining your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

Change Wars

thanx everybody:) (Smile)
I've been concerned for awhile now about the quality and overall "freshness" of our clips. Especially, when it is so very difficult in Kentucky to find talented people to appear in fetish work. Hell, it's hard to find ANYBODY to do fetish work where I live. I'm worried our format/concepts/storytelling/props are getting stale. So, I thought really hard about the future of these kinds of clips, as well as competition from C4S and figuring out how to set ourselves apart.
I started scripting for a new style of videos. I'm shooting for something that feels more episodic, more like a television show with internal mythology and storytelling that overlaps from one video to another. I am nervous about it, and I feel like it's a gamble. By it's nature, this type of work will be more plot/story driven and rely on more dialogue. I think people are either going to love it or hate it, without much grey area.
I have to thank all the donors at Patreon. The truth is, I could never take this kind of chance without their support. These videos will cost way more to produce than our typical clips. I'm planning to shoot the first one or two NEW style clips this weekend. Here are some of the things that the Patreon funding has allowed us to do:

Work on fabricating new props: The new leg props are an example.

Hired a full time Production Assistant with video production background: We've always used minimum wage "gopher" type PA's in the past because it was all we could afford.

Furnish the Studio: Furniture is expensive, but we bought a desk with Patreon money and hopefully this will be the first step toward getting away from folding tables/card tables. I never thought I would miss that shit brown couch we used to have, but it would have come in handy at the new studio. We have 7 rooms at the studio and they are all empty.

Engineering New Tech: I've been trying to figure out how to reduce the noise component when we shoot expansion effects so the models can talk during the process. It's been hit and miss, but we may have finally figured it out. Many of you have complained/commented about close-ups and static shots showing the process. Fingers crossed, the new set-up SHOULD allow us to start trying new Process techniques.

I will be putting up the script for you guys to see. Possibly here, for sure up at Patreon. I would like your input very much.
     For those of you who might like the opportunity to actually talk/chat/skype with one of our models, now is your chance. As a special Patreon promotion, anyone who donates to our Patreon before August 1st will be entered to win the chance to talk/chat/skype with Lucia. If you are already a Patron you will be entered to win as well.
     There is no monetary limit. If you just want to donate the minimum $3, you have the same chance as the guy who donates $50. Lucia is a vivacious girl, and I think anyone who gets the chance to spend time with her will enjoy the experience. Right now we have relatively few Patrons, so your chances to win are pretty good.

thanx for your time and good luck if you enter:)
Lucia tries out a new cosmetic lotion, but gets MORE than expected results. Her ass grows huge, she gets thunder thighs....then tries to even things out with some lotion up top and balloons her breasts to massive proportions. BE, AE, Hourglass.

Lots of process in this one.

Up at Taylor Made Clips as always.

***Had a real fun time shooting this clip. Especially once Lucia was fully outfitted and we could start moving her around. The hotel had a nice stairwell that we shot some some cool stuff on. A few employees gave us some funny looks or busted out laughing as they saw us filming.
     Sometimes things go really smooth, the chemistry among cast and crew is firing on all cylinders, and the whole thing becomes a pleasure to work on. This was one of those days. Other can be like pulling teeth.

hope you guys enjoy this on as much as I did filming it
The talented morph artist Round And Heavy, BobHHH 2015 has done some really cool enhancements to our already over-inflated models. You can see free examples of his work on his DA page:

He will also be doing some exclusive morphs for our Patreon page ( two of which are on the site now for the $7 and up members). Check out the Patreon only morphs at:

thanx again to all the Patrons and everyone else who supports our work:)
If you haven't checked out our Patreon page yet, there are a few select items that you can view without being a Patron. I just added an out-take from Ponzi Pounds that anyone can download. For Patrons, there will be new video content hitting the site in the next few days including exclusive promos. Thanx to everyone for your Patronage.
Koa wants to get even bigger muscles after drinking the formula. At the end of Part 1, she grows a big we move into Part 2 her muscles deflate as her Ass and Boobs grow to huge proportions giving her an awesome Hourglass figure. Her hair turns back to blonde as well. She wants to leave the facility but finds out her new figure might make that a challenge as she faces some serious stuckage.

NO Female Muscle Growth in the second part.

You can find this video at Taylor Made Clips OR you can connect the dots to this link:



New stuff arriving on our Patreon page too:

I just recently put a sample script up that has yet to be released called "Blind Date Upgrade"
Some of you newer fans/followers may have tended to gravitate to the newer clips we put out. But, I thought I might occasionally go back into the vault and remind everyone about some of our classic videos. One of our earliest clips that I am still proud of, is The Magic Parchment Part 1 and 2 featuring the actress Wednesday Bliss. We were only able to shoot with her once, as she moved across country, but she was an absolute delight.

I hope you will check it out if you have not already done so in the past. There are PREVIEWS for both clips. You can find the clips by going to:

Taylor Made Clips - then click on the Maxgrowth Button on the left hand sidebar - then proceed to Page 3 of our index and scroll down to find the clips.

Wednesday Bliss...our next model by maxgrowth
Sleeping Bliss by maxgrowth
HUGE by maxgrowth
Rebecca keeps trying to figure out what her client wants in a woman. She grows her ass bigger, then grows a big, pregnant belly. She finally transforms into a cute style Cat Girl. She teases her client with her feline wiles and he approves.

Look for Gamma Bombz Part Two soon.

All our clips can be found at Taylor Made Clips as always.

Thanx for all your continued support:)
Conker at Process Productions Forum has colorized the muscle still shot from Gamma Bombz Part 1. SO you can get a green skinned version on the Maxgrowth Patreon Page if you are a Patron. You can become a Patron for as little as $3 a month.

PLUS, there is some content on our Patreon page that you DON'T have to be a member to see, including a new still pic of Koa from a recent shoot that you won't find anywhere else.

Check out our creator posts page:

Thanx again to all of our past and existing Patrons who have helped us move forward. The muscle suit was a direct result of Patreon funding.
We have two new clips up at Taylor Made Clips. 

Rebecca is in Chameleon Callgirl Part One which features Breast and Ass Expansion. She's a callgirl who bets her john that she can guess what kind of women he likes. Bonus Nudity in this one:)

Koa tries to steal a super soldier formula in Gamma Bombz Part One when things (as usual) go awry. Female Muscle Growth in this one with OnScreen special effects. Plus, Breast Expansion then a Belly Expansion late in the clip transitioning to Part Two.
I'm excited about our very first Muscle clip.

After visiting NYC and going to the JitenshaSW sponsored Macro/Micro group, I have joined their message board and am trying to generate a group for Kentucky and it's bordering states. Macro/Micro is designed for people with similar Expansion/Growth/Shrinking areas of interest, but is also open to anyone with other types of fetishes. THere are already groups trying to form in Texas and Florida as well, so go check out the forum. I would love to get something going closer to home.…

PATREON: I will be re-vamping the rewards/donation system at some point now that I am able to start putting up content there to streamline things and make it easier for myself and more dependable for the patrons. NOTE: Our new shooting space and muscle suit and leg props were only made possible by Patrons who generously donated. If you have a few bucks to spare, think about donating and getting some exclusive content you won't find anywhere else.
GOOD: I travelled to Queens, New York City to shoot with fetish model Tara Tied. Had some issues getting into NYC (speeding ticket, demon possessed GPS, and well...driving in NYC) so the video shoot was a very quick one, but it worked out. But, I was super glad to get to attend the Macro/Micro group meeting in Manhattan held by JitenshaSW. Lots of cool people who talked openly about their fetishes, which was really incredible when you think about it. Being in a room with like minded people instead of hovering over the communal "fire" of the laptop screen was really wonderful.

Find out more about Macro/Micro here:

BAD: My wife has been very ill and was in the hospital for some time. She is home now and recovering and should be up to speed in a few months. So, clips have been delayed as well as updates and what-not. If I don't respond to comments, well wishes, or general salutations in the next few weeks please don't be offended...I'm just swamped (even more than usual).

ETC: The new costumer made us a one piece leg/hip/ass prop that is really tremendous. It's squishable like real fat. Has anatomically correct contours and shape. I can't wait to use it, and can't wait for you guys to see it in action. If she can finish it up with skin tone I will be ecstatic. AND, I will immediately have her work on making a larger version!

Hope everyone is doing well!!!
New clip up at Taylor Made Clips.

Lisa is a reporter, who after attending a fetish expansion party, tries to imagine what it`s like to experience actual expansions. There are 3 separate Belly growths (1 HUGE) and a Breast Expansion. Some issues with the actress who wasn't feeling very well the day of the shoot.

thanx again, to everyone who took the time to give me the input on what they like to see in our clips, it was much appreciated:)
Feedback is pretty important for what I do, and often I get contradictory information from people. Some people love a crapton of posing while others would rather not have it. Everybody seems to have their own favorite slice of the emotional spectrum: fear, nervous, happy, sad, hysterical, horny, angry, etc. Fans also have their own very specific desires when it comes to props.
I feel like most people like them just HUGE, but I do get comments about once the props reach a certain size the suspension of disbelief dissolves and they get "out" of the scenario. And some guys just seem to prefer smaller props, but that doesn't even begin to cover shape, weight, perkiness, natural looking, cartoony looking, gravity defying, etc.

Without feeling the pressure to give me an essay (unless you just want to) I'd like everyone to tell me the highpoints of what they like and/or don't like in our clips. It would be extremely helpful as we move forward with new content.

Lucia plays a mean model who uses a special compound from a nerd to give herself a stacked figure. She treats the guy terrible, so he spikes her growth juice and she grows bigger and bigger boobs.

UP at Taylor Made Clips as always.…